Looking for a significant E-level reduction?

SWS is the answer.

Soudal Window System. A professional window ‘joint sealing system'. A combination of matching products to guarantee sealing between joinery and brickwork.

All building details are important under the EPB directive, so window joints too. What use are ultra-insulating walls, joinery and glazing in a building if thermal bridges or air leaks between them mean heat and energy are lost?

A high as possible score on the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) or with the EPB declaration is required more than ever.

Window joints play a crucial here part. With airtightness and the elimination of thermal bridges, SWS can help make great gains when it comes to lowering energy consumption!


Liquid membranes 'the next big thing'

No more fuss with window anchors and carefully folding window tapes. The Soudatight liquid membranes form a completely jointless and elastic membrane that perfectly takes the shape of the surface to guarantee excellent airtightness. Both for internal and external use.

The combination of these liquid products successfully withstood the MO-01/1 system test from the distinguished ift in Rosenheim. Soudal is the only manufacturer able to offer a system for airtightness and sealing against driving rain tightness based on liquid membranes.

  • Airtight and vapor retardant
  • Stays elastic after curing and very sustainable
  • Forms a seamless membrane
  • Very good adhesion on many porous materials
  • Good adhesion on slightly moist substrates
  • Can be painted, plastered or taped over after drying